Always at the forefront of technology, Dr. Vrabec is the first and only LASIK surgeon to offer the iDESIGN Advanced WaveScan Studio System. iDESIGN works like a “brain” to capture more data than ever before to create a truly customized treatment plan for more accuracy and better results, giving you clearer, sharper vision you’ll enjoy day and night.

With iDESIGN technology, you can rest assured that your LASIK procedure will be 100% personalized for your eyes only with 25 times more precision than traditional measurements for glasses and contacts to create a precisely accurate 3D map used for your customized treatment. In a recent study,* the majority of patients having LASIK with iDESIGN achieved 20/16 or better vision – that’s better than 20/20!

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Your Customized iLASIK Procedure Just Got Smarter
Correcting your vision begins with a unique treatment plan, created by proprietary wavefront-guided eye-mapping technology.

Advanced Technology

Originally developed for high-powered telescopes

Eye-mapping Technology

Creates a 3D map of your eye’s unique imperfections

25X More Precise

25 times more precise than conventional measurements used for contacts and glasses

Over 1,200 Points Of Data

Captures over 1,200 points of data from each eye to create a highly accurate 3D map

NASA Approved

Same technology used by NASA

Outstanding Results

Most patients see 20/16… better than 20/20!

More Patients Benefit

iDesign can treat a broader range of patients

First in Wisconsin

Dr. Vrabec is the 1st in WI to use this advanced technology

Improved Clarity

iDesign LASIK technology has 5X higher resolution than iLASIK

Unsurpassed Vision

studies show that patients report significantly improved quality of vision

3 Steps to Increasing Your Freedom From
Glasses and Contacts with iDESIGN

STEP 1 - Creating Your Eye Map

3 seconds capture

Proprietary Wavefront-guided Eye-mapping Technology

Provides an in-depth representation of your optical system to develop a personalized treatment plan

STEP 2 - Preparing Your Eye

10 seconds or
less capture

Ultra-Fast Femtosecond Laser

Creates a thin, customized flap to prepare your cornea for treatment

STEP 3 - Delivering a Personalized Treatment

60 seconds or
less capture

Ultra-Precise Excimer Laser

Gently reshapes your cornea to the desired curvature, based on your personalized eye map

Take the first step toward independence from glasses and contacts and click here or call (800) 344-4443 to schedule your FREE VIP iLASIK Consultation to find out if you’re a candidate for iLASIK with iDESIGN!

*Myopia US IDE Study 110-IDMY

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