Treat Your Presbyopia With Vuity™

Woman enjoying a book without reading glasses

A quick glance at the beauty aisles in your local drugstore proves that Americans are invested in the fight against aging. Although, if we’re more honest than we are hopeful, we’ll admit that many of the methods on the market provide little — if any — noticeable benefit.

That lack of effectiveness is precisely why the ophthalmology field stands out. Advances in cataract lens technology and refractive procedures overall are turning back the clock and giving patients clear vision at a time in life when, only a decade ago, it would begin to diminish with limited options to reverse the downward trend. Few other fields can boast such effective results.

While it’s still true that vision can decline as you age, patients now have options to restore 20/20 or something close to it. The most recent example comes for those over age 40 who have presbyopia. Nearly half of Americans over age 40 experience presbyopia or blurry near vision, and until now, the only solution to this condition has been  lens surgery, contact lenses, or reading glasses.

With the announcement by Allergan that Vuity eye drops are now FDA-approved and available nationwide, patients have a new option for treating their presbyopic near vision.

Vuity works in as little as 15 minutes and lasts up to six hours to improve near and intermediate vision without impacting distance vision. Specifically designed for presbyopia, Vuity uses the eye’s own ability to reduce pupil size, creating a pinhole effect with the patient’s own pupil to increase depth of focus and help patients rely less on their reading glasses. It’s the first and only FDA-approved eye drop for presbyopia treatment.

Valley Eye Associates is excited to offer this breakthrough treatment to its presbyopia patients! Contact us at (920) 739-4361 to schedule an examination and to learn if you’re a candidate for Vuity.