Can the Vivity Lens Help You?

Cataracts are a normal, expected part of aging, and, counterintuitive as it may seem, for some patients, they present an opportunity in disguise.

Here’s why: during cataract surgery, a cloudy, natural lens is replaced with a clear, artificial lens. In other words, your cataract surgery may do more than clear your cataracts. Depending on which lens you select, it may upgrade your overall vision. The advancements and technology behind artificial lenses (or IOLs as they’re more commonly known) is constantly improving, leading to more and better options for patients to choose from.

One of the lenses we’ve seen very positive results from is  Alcon’s AcrySof™ IQ Vivity™. What sets this lens apart is that, while other IOLs split light into several separate focal points, the Vivity uses a non-diffractive technology called X-Wave that bends and stretches light. Because of that, patients benefit from an extended range of vision.

Furthermore, the way other IOLs split light into several focal points often results in glare, starbursts, and halos even after your cataracts have been corrected. Patients with the Vivity report fewer visual disturbances, and often find that they can resume driving at night, something that wasn’t possible with cataracts and even after surgery could be troubling due to the glare, starbursts, and halos associated with other lenses.

There’s even more promising news. Recent clinical trials found that Vivity not only provides quality vision at distance and intermediate ranges in bright and dim light, they also found that patients’ dependence on glasses or contact lenses is decreased after their surgery.

Vivity is best for patients who want improved intermediate and near vision. Intermediate vision comes into play for activities such as working at a computer; near vision is accessed for activities such as reading or sewing. This lens may not be a good fit for patients with extreme near or farsightedness.

Valley Eye has seen firsthand how the Vivity has benefited our patients, and we’d love to see the same positive results for you. To discuss whether this or another IOL can help you, schedule a Cataract Examination today.