Light Adjustable Lens Offers True Customization

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The RxSight Light Adjustable Lens® (LAL) is the world’s first FDA-approved implant that can be adjusted and reshaped after surgery.

Just what, exactly, does all that doctor-speak mean for you, our patients? An unheard-of level of customization for your cataract surgery.

The most performed procedure in the U.S., cataract surgery replaces a cloudy, natural lens with a clear, artificial lens known as an IOL. Because there are several kinds of IOLs to choose from, prior to surgery our doctors will visit with you about your needs and perform thorough measurements of your eye.

This is so that together you and your doctor can select the best lens. All of our pre-operative care also gives your surgeon precise information to ensure the best possible post-operative outcome.

However, no matter how sophisticated our diagnostics, they can’t perfectly anticipate how your eye will heal. In other words, your vision will be greatly improved after surgery, but you may still have a slight case of myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. This has always been the case, and cataract sufferers in particular still tend to need their glasses.

Enter the Light Adjustable Lens. With it we have the flexibility to adjust your vision after surgery. Once you’ve completely recovered — which usually takes about three weeks — your surgeon will use UV light to adjust your new lens’ power in a very specific and mathematical way. Up to three light adjustments can be performed and once a patient’s desired correction is achieved, a final “lock in” treatment is applied.

Valley Eye Associates is excited to offer this customizable new lens! Many cataract patients fit the LAL’s criteria for use. Contact us at (920) 739-4361 to schedule an examination and learn if you’re a candidate.