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It’s a struggle to deal with glasses and contacts on the daily: waking up with blurry vision, not seeing the alarm clock, or reading your text messages. Then you have to the grab your glasses or head into the bathroom and poke your eye with your contacts. It can truly be a struggle. By the end of the day your contacts are dry, scratchy, irritated, and you’re ready to take them out. But your vision just isn’t the greatest, so you just deal with it. But you don’t have to do this every day.

With the latest technology and advancements in the medical field, we are able to offer relief, with iLASIK! Imagine a world where you wake up and can see without dealing with the hassle of wearing contacts or glasses everyday. Now that you have thought about the possibility of ditching the eyewear, what do you do next? Well, you could spend hours researching the best doctors, and clinics, maybe put out a post on your social media saying “thinking about LASIK if anyone has recommendations?” Or, you could call Valley Eye Associates and look no further!

Here at Valley Eye Associates, not only were we voted the best iLASIK facility 11 years in a row, but our surgeon, Dr. Michael Vrabec is also the area’s top corneal specialist, which means that you are getting the expertise of a specialist for your iLASIK surgery. But what happens next?

This is the easy part… Simply grab your phone and contact one of our surgery coordinators to set up a Free VIP iLASIK Consultation. That’s right, it’s free! And coming in for your consultation is easy. We just want to confirm that you are in fact a good candidate for iLASIK as well as inform you about how we perform iLASIK and what to expect before, during and after your surgery. The consultation will take about 30-45 minutes and will be easy and most of all, fun. Yes, your Free VIP iLASIK Consultation should be fun!