EVO ICL Offers Minimal Down Time and Prompt Results

“It’s like I have new eyes!”

Those words were spoken by Chelsea, a patient who recently chose the EVO Implantable Collamer Lens to correct her vision. A permanent contact lens, EVO is changing the vision — and the lives — of patients who don’t qualify for other correction procedures.

Developed especially for patients who are extremely nearsighted, EVO is a straightforward, minimally-invasive procedure that requires little downtime. In fact, as Chelsea explains in her video, she was already experiencing noticeably improved vision the day after her surgery.

And her constant companions for years, her glasses? She, like other patients who’ve chosen this lens, is now completely free of them. Watch her video to hear about her life before and after EVO and how easy the process was.

Even better, schedule your appointment to discuss if EVO is right for you, too.