How Much Is EVO ICL Changing Lives? Read One Woman’s Story

Jessica, a surgical technician with Valley Eye Associates, was so nearsighted that she didn’t qualify for any of the laser vision correction procedures she helped her patients experience each day. She was glad for her patients, some of whom could see clearly almost immediately after surgery, but really wanted the same experience for herself.

“I just wanted my turn!” she said. “But there was nothing.”

Jessica started wearing glasses in second grade. It’s not uncommon for young corrective lens wearers to continue to experience worsening vision for a few years, but for most patients, their prescriptions begin to level off with age. However, for Jessica, her vision just continued to worsen until she was legally blind without her glasses. Driving at night or during inclement weather had become almost impossible, something she really regretted as her children depend on her to get them places.

She discussed her vision with Dr. Vrabec many times over the years and grew to trust his expertise and recommendations. If he said there was nothing to be done, there was nothing to be done.

But one day, Dr. Vrabec had different news. He had been researching the EVO Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL), a permanent contact lens specifically designed for nearsighted patients. The EVO ICL procedure is minimally invasive and only requires a microscopic incision. Would Jessica be interested in trying it?

“I was so excited and I jumped at the chance!” she says. “I have been working with Dr. Vrabec for so long that I knew I could trust him. I’ve seen him give such great care to people.”

Watch this brief video to hear the rest of Jessica’s story and all the ways she’s rediscovered her independence with EVO. Even better, schedule your consultation to discuss if, like Jessica, EVO is right for you.