Meet the Valley Eye Green Bay Team

Panoramic aerial view of downtown Green Bay, Wisconsin and the Fox River

The team at Valley Eye Associates in Green Bay loves a lot of things — happy patients, clear vision, Wisconsin summer days. But an even more common thread for them is a love of the outdoors. Though their favorite ways to take advantage of the area’s scenery are as varied as their personalities, we count their ready-for-anything mindset as an asset at VEA.

It’s just one of many assets they bring to the VEA team. Surgical skill is integral to a practice; however, our surgeons, as gifted as they are, cannot cover all the bases required to make our patients’ experience an excellent one.

Thankfully, our surgeons are supported by a highly competent team that not only greets your calls with enthusiasm, but also makes sure you’re welcomed to our practice, gives you details about your surgery, and answers many of your questions. Without their support, our MDs couldn’t accomplish as much as they do each day.

Of our offices, Green Bay is one of the newer locations, and the team there has excelled at coming together to serve one another and their patients. It’s not only time to meet this team, but to read, in their own words, how much they truly care about their patients.


Valley Eye Associates in Green Bay has four optometrists who work alongside our surgeons. Their expertise multiplies the presence of our MDs and increases your quality of care. Each of our ODs has become a specialist in the specific conditions and care of ophthalmology.

Katie Abata, OD

Why eye care?
I love meeting new people and visiting with my patients. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to help patients with their eyes and vision and to hopefully make some sort of connection with them along the way.

Favorite Green Bay Activity
I love walking, running, or biking with my family on the Fox River trail.

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Ross Jensen, OD

Why eye care?
I love working with people! I bring joy to patients as they begin to see better for their daily activities, and I get to help improve vision and comfort of the eye — what could be more worthwhile? Every day is different and every patient is different and I look forward to those differences.

Favorite Green Bay Activity
My wife and I love to hike and take our dogs on adventures. I also like to hunt and fish.

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Colin Sigmund, OD

Why eye care?
I welcome discussions with patients about eye conditions and figuring out how best to treat them.

Favorite Green Bay Activity
Walking on the many trails in the area with my wife and dog during the summer months.

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Ashley Torreano, OD

Why eye care?
Establishing great communication with each patient to best serve their eye care needs is what I look forward to most.

Favorite Green Bay Activity
Visiting parks like Barkhausen, Voyager, and Titletown with my boys.

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Our technicians provide direct care to patients by performing the pre- and post-surgery measurements and diagnostics vital to good outcomes. Should you need glasses, the data they collect about your eye’s health, specific size and shape, and needs are relayed to our optician for the perfect fit.

Renee Godin

Why eye care?
Patients! I have worked in eye care for 30+ years, and during that time, I have developed some very close friendships with many of our patients.  And every now and then, they share a few great recipes.

Favorite Green Bay Activity
I live outside the Green Bay area, but I enjoy spending time with family, cooking, and gardening.

Angel Henry

Why eye care?
Working in eye care means seeing the look of excitement and happiness on patients’ faces when they can see clearly again after cataract surgery, corneal surgery, or LASIK. Patients are so excited to be able to read, play cards, enjoy their hobbies, or simply see their friends and family with clarity. We only get one set of eyes, and we need to take care of them!

Favorite Green Bay Activity
Taking my nieces, nephews, and grandkids to Bay Beach, Wildlife Sanctuary, or the NEW Zoo.

Patient Service Representatives & Surgery Scheduling

This group of folks plays a vital role at the beginning of your surgical journey. It can be intimidating to know where to start, but these friendly professionals are here to help you book consultations, fill out preliminary paperwork, and begin the process of becoming a patient at Valley Eye Associates.

Morgan Hervas

Why eye care?
My favorite thing about working in eye care is caring for people. Coming from an ER background, I enjoy taking care of patients and  can still do that here as well.

Favorite Green Bay Activity
My favorite thing to do in Green Bay is to go fishing out on the bay.

Rebecca Keup

Why eye care?
I appreciate working with patients and interacting with them. Our clinic is like a small family. We form a bond of friendship with our patients.

Favorite Green Bay Activity
We like to take our dog for a walk on all the area trails. Our favorite one is Mountain Bay Trail Howard/Suamico area. My family also likes fishing and golfing.

Cori Miskin

Why eye care?
I enjoy helping and getting to know our patients. Each time they come in, we become more and more familiar with one another, and it makes our interactions like saying “hi” to a friend each day. I also love my coworkers, which we know makes all the difference in your work life.

Favorite Green Bay Activity
I am still fairly new to Green Bay, so my family and I are still exploring all the different things to do. Right now, since we live right by the bay, we enjoy going down to watch the sunsets and walking on the beach. We also look forward to taking our kids to Bay Beach and Title Town on warm nights, and even to the sledding hill in the winter. We have seen a few games at the stadium and it’s always a fun experience.