Don’t Let Glaucoma Stop You

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When you hear “glaucoma,” you may think of its nickname, “the silent thief of vision,” and a host of intimidating statistics — and understandably so. Glaucoma is one of the world’s leading causes of blindness.

Our team of experts at Valley Eye Associates is here to ease some of your worries and help you achieve the best vision possible. That’s why we continually research and apply more advanced eye care technologies to our practice, like IRIDEX’s MicroPulse laser therapy: one of the latest procedures in addressing a glaucoma diagnosis.

MicroPulse laser therapy uses a state-of-the-art laser procedure to treat retinal diseases and glaucoma. While lasers are a common technique in today’s field of ophthalmology, MicroPulse laser therapy approaches vision treatments in a unique manner. The MicroPulse laser uses a refractory period that allows the tissue to cool in between laser pulses, effectively decreasing and preventing tissue damage. Coupled with the surgeon’s ability to finely control the laser’s heat properties, treatment risks are at a new low. This procedure even lessens the need for future invasive eye surgeries.

How MicroPulse Works

A laser beam emits a continuous wave that becomes sectioned into a series of brief, low energy pulses, which are then divided by short rest periods.

  • A smaller width (the amount of time that the laser is active) ensures that the heat from the laser does not reach tissues surrounding the targeted area.
  • With a longer interval (the amount of time that the laser is off) in between each pulse, the tissue has ample time to cool down before the next pulse arrives.

Traditional laser procedures work to lower intraocular pressure through increased watery outflow and decreased aqueous production. MicroPulse laser therapy achieves the same effect in a similar manner, but with little to no harmful side effects.

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